Applications for Team 2023 are open! 

Apply now to join next year's team of iGEM KU Leuven members and nurture your ambition for research with the aim of winning the iGEM grand prize! 

Application Deadline :   Friday 16 December 2022 at 23:59 CET


Join us online for our info session where we will give an overiview on what it means to be an iGEM member and will go in detail with our plans in forming next year's team of researchers! Join us on December 1 and register through the link beside!

Online info session :  Thursday 1 December 2022 19:00-21:00 CET

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iGEM KU Leuven 2022 Application

What is iGEM?

iGEM or international Genetically Engineered Machine is the world’s largest and most prestigious competition in the field of synthetic biology. Each year, 350 university teams participate to combat global problems using synthetic biology. Besides the scientific research, teams are encouraged to thoroughly explore the problem they’re solving, engage their project stakeholders and educate local and global communities about synthetic biology. The iGEM KU Leuven team is an international and interdisciplinary team of students, who will work closely together with industry and academic experts to develop their own application. The final results will be presented for an international jury during the annual Giant Jamboree in Boston, US.


  • Work in an international and interdisciplinary team
  • Spawn new ideas and work on a self-chosen project
  • Interact with professors, sponsors, stakeholders, industrial partners etc.
  • Collaborate with other iGEM teams
  • Embark on new challenges, like developing a business plan, finding new sponsors, creating educational programs, etc.
  • Boost your soft and hard skills
  • Present your work during the annual five-day Giant Jamboree in Boston, USA

Wanted profiles

You are a bachelor or master student at KU Leuven with a strong scientific interest or background, eager to work in a multidisciplinary team of students. You have an entrepreneurial mindset and do not shy away from taking initiative. You are ready to translate your theoretical knowledge into practical experience and are willing to take on this challenge.

Roles in our Team

Throughout the project, the team is usually divided up into multiple sub-teams: Dry lab, Wet lab, Human Practices, PR and Communications, Wiki, Design, Legal and Finance. During the application process, you will be asked to indicate your preferred sub-team. The tasks listed below give a general indication of your tasks for the project duration. Keep in mind that collaborations between various sub-teams are possible and even necessary for a successful, cohesive iGEM project, hence you will not be limited to the tasks listed under a given position offer. If you would like to be the manager of a certain subteam, please specify this in the application form. Keep in mind that when applying for a manager position, you are the final responsible for that specific project part.

Team Leader


  • Responsible for the team’s participation in iGEM competition: communicating with the iGEM organization, keeping track of the administrative documents, keeping track of deadlines, etc.  
  • Keeping track of activities within the team; overview of project progression and accomplishments and redirecting where necessary  
  • People management of your team (motivating, coaching and solving internal problems)  
  • Organizing team meetings, meetings with academic and industry experts and meetings with potential sponsors (in close collaboration with the finance team) 


Dry Lab


  • Mathematical modelling of different concepts within the project  
  • Developing and building new hardware or software based on the project as part of the prototype and proof-of-concept 
  • Data and statistical analysis of results  
  • Bio-informatics and computation modelling  
  • Knowledge in two or more of the following: Matlab, CAD, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Electronics  


Wet Lab


  • Planning experiments of wet lab, preparing protocols, designing genetic circuits/plasmids 
  • Coordinating safety in- and outside the lab, controlling good laboratory behaviour and ensuring clean working environments 
  • Studying literature to find new innovative concepts, established protocols, etc. 
  • Working together with lab assistants, PhD students, other academic groups, etc. 
  • Interpreting and analyzing results from the wet lab and coordinating with dry lab members for the modelling of these results
  • keeping track of stock, updating the logbook, etc.  
  • Ordering of (biological) materials 


Legal & Financial


  • Budgeting and bookkeeping  
  • Responsible for acquiring financial resources through sponsors, grants, crowdfunding, etc. 
  • Networking with industrial, governmental and academic partners and maintaining corporate relationships with stakeholders  




  • Responsible for the legal activities regarding the iGEM Leuven non-profit organization 
  • Drafting contracts for future sponsors and setting up collaborations with industrial partners 
  • Responsible for GDPR  


PR & Communications


  • Monitor publicity for the iGEM team through various channels 
  • Maintaining and updating the website and social media 
  • Increasing the visibility of the team and sponsors (articles, scientific & industry events, promotional videos, press, etc.) 
  • Organizing annual events (meet-ups, partner events, recruitment events, etc.)


Integrated Human Practices


  • Exploring the project’s social relevancy by contacting and collaborating with stakeholders on all levels 
  • Collaborating with other iGEM teams
  • Setting up educational activities (STEM workshops, conferences, professional fairs)
  • Interacting with schools, government and industry to promote the field of STEM.  
  • Interacting with stakeholders, experts and partners to gather information to strengthen your project.




  • Design of graphics for the communications team 
  • Design of posters, flyers, banners, merchandise, etc.  
  • Design of project logo 
  • Design of scientific poster and presentation for the Giant Jamboree  
  • Skilled in Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) 



  • Develop the team's strategy on biosafety and ethics
  • Watch over all activities to align with local standards and guidelines