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What is iGEM?

iGEM or "international Genetically Engineered Machine" is a prestigious synthetic biology competition that is held every year in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). Student teams from each participating university work all year long to develop genetically engineered systems that make a positive contribution to the world.

What do we do?

We are a team of passionate scientists who are dedicated to improving human lives by means of synthetic biology. By combining expertise from fields such as biomedical sciences, molecular biology or bioengineering, we strive to create an application with a lasting impact. Next to our research, we aim to involve our local community in the fascinating world of synbio by organizing scientific conferences and workshops.

  1. KU Leuven iGEM launch - 2019 edition

    September 24th, 2018

    Team Coach Victor brings in Federica and Lucas to kick-off the new edition.

  2. Start of the recruitment period

    October 20th, 2018

    The word of a new iGEM edition at the KULeuven is spread, in search of a motivated team of science and engineering students.

  3. KU Leuven iGEM Info-event campus Group T

    November 6th, 2018

  4. KU Leuven iGEM info-event campus Arenberg

    November 8th, 2018

  5. Application deadline!

    November 18th, 2018

    About half of the applicants are selected for a face-to-face interview.

  6. Interview sessions

    December 5-6th, 2018

    The selected applicants are interviewed in front of a jury of iGEM alumni and KU Leuven professors.

  7. Interview sessions

    December 10-12th, 2018

    The selected applicants are interviewed in front of a jury of iGEM alumni and KU Leuven professors.

  8. The team is formed

    December 15th, 2018

    12 lucky students get notified about their spot on the iGEM KU Leuven team.

  9. First team get together

    December 18th, 2018

    Prior to the official start in the second semester, the team meet for the first time to get to know one another.

  10. First official team meeting

    February 12th, 2019

  11. Start of the brainstorming sessions

    February 19th, 2019

    In the following weeks, brainstorming sessions are organised with the goal to come up with as many creative ideas as possible.

  12. Interesting topics are further developed

    March 5th, 2019

    Possible project ideas are further developed and narrowed down in the following weeks. Team members present their ideas to each other and feedback is given.

  13. Possible projects are narrowed down to three

    March 25th, 2019

    The feasibility of the proposals are further discussed with the team, iGEM alumni and specialists in the corresponding domains.

  14. Presentation of the three final ideas to our advisory board

    April 23rd, 2019

    Our advisory board consists of twelve KU Leuven professors, established to advise us about the feasibility of the proposed ideas.

  15. Final call on the project proposal

    May 7th, 2019

    In the coming weeks, the project is further developed.

  16. Preparations for the lab work begins

    June 10th, 2019

  17. Start of the iGEM summer

    July 1st, 2019

    Let the full-time lab work begin!

  18. Finalisation of the lab work

    September 15th, 2019

    In the coming weeks the project is finalised. Final experiments are carried out, the poster is made and the team’s iGEM Wiki is coded.

  19. SynBio Gone Viral

    September 20-22st, 2019

    The KU Leuven iGEM team organises a synthetic biology conference! Stay tuned for more information.

  20. iGEM 2019 Giant Jamboree

    February 12th, 2019

    The finale of our iGEM adventure 300+ university teams from all over the world showcase their work at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston (USA), competing for prizes and medals.

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